About Journal

A brief introduction to Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine 

Sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission and the Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association, “Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine” was founded in October 1989. Over the past 30 years, the Journal has been “a mentor for preventive health care professionals and a link between professionals”. It is a platform that has been set up as a bridge to exchange academic achievements and information, to popularize professional knowledge, to promote the development and popularization of technology, to revitalize preventive medicine and health, to adhere to the principle of combining theory with practice, to combine popularization with improvement, to promote public health, disease prevention and control, maternal and child health care, health education, health supervision and community health work, and to provide scientific theory and skills for disease prevention, health maintenance and public health safety. Accepted by the Chinese academic journal comprehensive evaluation database, the Chinese core journal (selection) database, the Chinese periodical full-text database (CJFD), Chinese science and technology periodical database, the American chemical abstract (CA) database, Wanfang data-digital journal group, China Zhiwang, Weipu information network, etc. The Journal has been highly praised by the vast number of public health and preventive medicine practitioners. In 2015, the Journal joined the series of magazines of the Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine, and in November 2017 was awarded the Chinese preventive medicine association series miscellaneous. Its website was launched in January 2018 (http://www.sjpm.org.cn), and in February 2018 a collection and editing system opened. In February of this year is to fully realize digital contribution, review, revision, proofreading and XML online publication. At the same time, the mobile version of the online website and Superstar Learning Mobile version to achieve mobile terminal browsing and download functions.


The Journal is published on the 20th of every month, with 2000 copies per month. It covers many areas of preventive medicine and public health, in a variety of forms as columns, expert forums, reviews, infectious disease prevention and control, chronic disease prevention and control, health hazard monitoring, child and children health, experimental research and testing, health education and health promotion, health care and community health, health emergency response and disaster relief, health legal system and supervision, health management and practice, disease and death dynamics, evidence-based practice, etc. Experts in the field of preventive medicine are invited to write about new developments and new techniques in related disciplines in relation to new art, new methods, new ideas and others. In order to adapt to the development of preventive medicine and public health, to promote the construction of qualified personnel in preventive medicine and public health, to fully demonstrate the achievements of scientific research in preventive medicine and practical experience in public health field, and to meet the needs from scientific research to grass-roots level, from preventive health care to clinical diagnosis and management, to multi-level, multi-professional readership demand for magazines. The Shanghai Society of Preventive Medicine and the editorial Department of Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine are using the standards and experiences of professional academic journals at home and abroad for reference to improve the academic level and professional influence of the Journal in various aspects.


Under the support of Shanghai Society of Preventive Medicine, the annual organization of manuscripts has been adopted to actively expand the sources of the high-quality contributions. Experts at home and abroad have been invited to peer-review manuscripts scientifically and efficiently, and read them after publication, too. The editing and reviewing of manuscripts strictly follows a 3-step review system. That is the editorial department does the preliminary review, the editorial board the second review, and then the executive editor and consultant editorial board collectively complete the final review. The emphasis is on the second and final review to secure the academic level of manuscripts and the good quality of the Journal. All manuscripts are reviewed by experts and editors with senior titles in the same professional field, and handled strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations of international and domestic periodical management, thus promoting standardization of magazine editing work. To ensure the scientific and academic quality of the magazine, the responsible editor is in charge of editing, processing and the third proofreading.