Instructions for Authours

Notice to Contributors

Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine is sponsored by Shanghai Society of Preventive Medicine and published at home and abroad, with the task in charge of Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission. Its purposes are : prevention and clinical integration, popularization and improvement, set prevention, medical treatment, health care, rehabilitation in one, facing the grassroots, and facing society. Its content covers disease prevention and control, public health, health supervision, food and drug supervision, health promotion and other professional areas. The Journal is  included in the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association series magazine.

1.  Contribution requirements

1.1  Manuscript writing should be creative, scientific and practical, with clear argument, reliable data, accurate data, smooth language, refined writing, clear level and correct standard of statistical processing.

1.2  The title of the article should be concise and accurate, eye-catching, and reflecting the theme of the article. Chinese titles are generally not to be more than 20 Chinese characters, with the author's name, unit ( specific department),  his or her address and postcode under the title.

1.3  Abstracts should be both in English and Chinese, including objective(the problem to be solved and its importance, methods(study subjects,approaches,scopes and analysis), Results(experimental outcome, outstanding achievement, , with important data and statistical analysis listed)and conclusion (academic achievement and its application value.  The English abstract  includes the title, the name of the first author,  his or her address and  postcode. The author's name is in Chinese pinyin, and "last name" and "first name" should be capitalized, such as LI Xi-an,WANG Ping. The English and Chinese abstracts should be identical in content, indicating the Chinese Library Classification number according to the fifth edition of the Library Classification of China.

1.4  Key words are  to be within 3-8 and separated by semicolons.

1.5  Each level of the article are sorted in the form of 1, 1.1, 1.1.1,, (1) and 1.

1.6 Triple-line tables (top line, column line, bottom line) are used for all tables in this journal. The charts are to be sequentially coded in the order in which they appear in the body of the text, followed by graphic and tabular questions. There should be good clarity and contrast.

1.7  All units of measurement  are to adopt (or convert into) the statutory units of measurement. Note that no more than 1 diagonal line in the unit is used , e.g. ng/kg/min should be ng/ (kg min), and the combination of the diagonal and negative power is not to be mixed, e.g. the previous ng/kg min-1 is not to be used.

1.8  The century, year, month, day, moment and count and measurement of the digital Gregorian calendar are to be used  in Arabic numerals, and written in accordance with GB/T 15835-2011 "usage of numerals in Publications".

1.9  The statistical symbols were written according to the relevant provisions of GB/T 3358.1 / 3-2009 "Statistical Vocabulary and symbols": arithmetic mean x (median M); standard deviation s), standard error Sx; t, F test, chi-square test using lowercase chi-square test; Correlation coefficient r; probability P. The above symbols are in italics.

1.10  References should be  generally limited to nearly 5 years, according to GB 7714-2015 "rules of Information and Bibliographic reference description". After the website of this journal is opened, the submission system starts to run.


2. During the trial run, you could still use mailbox , to log in to, register (who has registered directly) and enter your personal account. Follow the submission instructions. Contribution cover, copyright transfer, authorisation, author's contribution statement, conflict of interest statement and recommendation letter should be provided. Please download the above documents at the download center of the website and sign your signature after completing the above documents. Scan electronic file upload system, otherwise you cannot  enter the review procedure. If the project is funded by the fund, the footnote should be in the bottom left of the title page, the project number  indicated, and a copy of the fund approval uploaded at the same time. The footnote  is to include a description of the author, indicating author's whole name, his or her year of birth, sex, degree, title, direction of study, and E-mail. Contributors need to carefully fill in the author's information so that the follow-up work goes smoothly. Please download the information form to the download center.


In accordance with the copyright Law, and in the light of the specific circumstances of this journal, you will receive the notification of the handling of the manuscript within 3 months. Please do not send contribution to other journals during this period of time. Your manscript will not be returned if it is not accepted. All manuscripts are to be written at your own expense. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the copyright Law, the Journal may make textual amendments and deletions to the manuscripts. After the manuscript is confirmed to be published, it is necessary to pay the layout fee according to the amount stipulated in the notice. And the journal will pay the responsible author one-time payment for the manuscript which is to be given  to the current issue of the magazine.